Natural Sage - Organic plant products for you and your pets

Wild White Sage growing on the Natural Sage property above a Seasonal Creek at a 2500 foot elevation in Gavilan Hills, CA
White Sage that grows above the Creek at Natural Sage® in Gavilan HillsA New Planting of White Sage-Grown without Chemicals, Organically
Natural Sage Logo for Horseman's Products such as Skin Repair Cocoa Butter and Lip Balm
Natural Sage® Logo for Horsemen or Outdoor People with Skin Repair Needs

Natural Sage® Logos Organic Products for Horses, Dogs, Cats, People
Horseman's Skin Repair Cocoa Butter   Natural Sage® Cooling Muscle Gel for Pain
Organic Skin Repair Cocoa Butter for Sun Damaged Skin in People
For Equine Muscle, Tendinitis Pain & Inflammation -Cooling Muscle Gel with Aloe Vera and Wintergreen
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