Natural Sage - Organic plant products for you and your pets

 Healing Herbal Salt Soak                      Organic Pain Relief Salve for                                                                Injuries, Tendinitis, Arthritis   Organic Herbal Salt Soak for Pain Relief & abscesses in Horses and Dogs
Pain Relief for Muscles and Tendons in Horses, Dogs and Humans
Herbal Antibiotic Sole Pack for Horses
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Natural Sage Anti-itch Spray Comes in 1 oz & 4 oz Glass Spray Bottles
Organic Anti-itch Spray for Animals

Healing Lip Balm-Orange & Peppermint  Natural Sage Herbal Antibiotic Salve
Organic Lip Balms with Essential Oils & Healing Herbs
Small Sizes for Dogs of Herbal Antibiotic Salve & Charcoal Drawing Salve
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