Natural Sage - Organic plant products for you and your pets

Natural Sage® Ranch and Lab where we make all of our Organic Equine, Canine, Feline & Small Animal Products in Gavilan Hills, CA.


Natural Sage® Healing Herbal Hoof Oil-Organic Products for Horses
Natural Sage® Ranch where we Grow and make Natural, Organic Products for Animals
Shoein' Shop Symposium in January, 2014-Thanks to Lee Green! We demonstrated natural Hoof Care products.

Shoein' Shop Symposium in January 2014 & 2015 with Thanks to the Owner Lee Green!
Natural Sage Organic Anti-itch Spray & Organic Herbal Antibiotic Salve Customer"OAKLEY"-An Australian Shepard and one of our Customers who uses Organic Natural Sage® Anti-Itch Spray and Organic Natural Sage® Herbal Antibiotic Salve
NATURAL SAGE HERBAL HOOF DRESSING-Made with only the BEST Organic Herbs and Essential Oils
 Herbal Hoof Dressing Made with only the Best Organic Oils and Herbs

Shep the Guard Dog overlooking blooming White Sage for our Natural Sage® Products

White Sage (Salvia apiana) shown in bloom above with Shep, our Watch Dog under the blooms of our Wild & Organically Grown White Sage.

NEW PRODUCTS FOR ANIMALS                                                        Organic Vegetable Glycerine infused with Organic Herbs for Senior Health in Dogs & Cats, Organic Arthritis & Pain Formulas (Glycerine Herbal Formula) for Horses, Dogs and Cats and Organic Glycerine Formula for Ulcers and Gastritis in Horses, Dogs and Cats.

Black Sage in Bloom at the Natural Sage®  RanchEssential Oil Soapstone Diffuser-(small), comes with Organic White Oil or Organic LavendarWhite Sage, a 1 year old plant, sustainably grown at Natural Sage® RanchLavender-Lavandula angustifolia-Organic Essential Oils are used in our ProductsEssential Oil Diffusers Handmade in Red Clay/Comes with White Sage or Lavender Oil
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