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Natural Sage Herbal Antibiotic Sole Pack®                                                                                                                                               Natural Sage Pain Relief Salve®         
Herbal Antibiotic Sole Pack for Horses & Farriers-Comes in a 2lb barrel or 8 oz Trial Size
Organic Pain Relief Salve for Horses & Dogs: Muscle & Nerve Injuries, Sprains, Tendonitis

Natural Sage Antimicrobial Ear Oil for Fungal/Bacterial Infections & Ear Mites

Organic Herbal Ear Cleaner for Animals-Dogs, Cats, Horses, LivestockANTIMICROBIAL EAR OIL & ORGANIC HERBAL EAR CLEANER FOR ANIMALS      

Organic Horse, Dog and Cat Products @ Natural Sage® & Jerry Livesey, Co-owner

Where we make Quality Products!

For you and your animals, we only use Certified Organic Oils, Certified Organic or wild Herbs and Organic, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in all of our Natural Sage® Products with No Toxic Chemicals or Harmful Preservatives that could adversely affect you, your pet or your home, stable or ranch.  We care about the health of you and your Animals since every product you use is absorbed by not only your pet, but also contact with human skin.
As an Animal Science and Plant Science Instructor, I have been growing native and organic plants and making herbal products since college for not only my own Horses, Dogs, Cats, and miscellaneous animals but also for the School Farm Animals in my care and realized the effectiveness of the constituents in whole herbal remedies and the synergistic interaction they have with superior results over standard (usually toxic) treatments. Plus, Herbal remedies are much safer for you and your animals! 

We were also asked by Farriers to make Products that contained effective, safe, pain relieving, organic ingredients with No toxic chemicals or preservatives for performances horses in California.  We have been testing Herbal Antibiotic Sole Packs, Herbal Hoof Dressing/Oils and Charcoal Drawing Salves for over 4 years with extremely effective and positive results for Veterinarians, Farriers, Equines and their owners.  The Farriers using our products have stated that they "will never go back using older toxic products, not only because Natural Sage® products are safe, but because they work so much better healing and regenerating damaged, painful tissue!" (Darin Baber-Professional Farrier).

Most of the Wild and Organic Herbs in our products have been utilized for over thousands of years by Herbalists, Settlers and Native Americans alike, including the Greeks and Romans-such as Sage (Salvia) derived from the Latin word 'salveo' which means Safe or to Save and refers to the medicinal properties of sages. Ingredients in our products have been based on Scientific Research from such sources as The German Commission E, Scientific Journals and Literature, Ethnobotanist, Herbalists, Researchers, and Aromatherapists such as professionals like Michael Moore (a well known Western Herbalist), Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt Ph.D., Dr. Duke, Stephen Harrod Buhner Ph.D., and many others along with Farriers and Veterinarians in the field of Herbal/Ethnobotanical Science.  

We offer Organic Products including Healing Herbal Antibiotic Salves, Herbal Hoof Dressing, Herbal Antibiotic Sole Pack for Horses, Scar Reduction and Healing Oils for Dogs and Horses, Fly Spray, Flea Sprays & Powders, Healing Powders, Hydrosol (distilled White Sage with less than 2-4% Essential Oils) which can be used on Humans, Cats (safely), along with Dogs, Horses & Livestock. We also make Natural Sage Pain Salves with Arnica, Comfrey, Saint John's Wort & Calendula-all well known Muscle & Tendon Pain relievers with effective healing constituents. Together with these products, we also offer additional Organic Natural Sage herbal healing remedies for your animals:
*Cooling Muscle Liniments for Pain & Inflammation, *Organic Pain Reducing Liniments made to block pain signals to nerves, increase blood flow to muscles and tendons and heal injuries.  We also make *Herbal Healing Salt Soaks for your Horses, Dogs and Livestock and other *Organic Healing Salves made for Cats, Puppies or Baby Animals, safe for extremely sensitive skin and metabolisms.

Our Shopping Cart page has all of our products, their descriptions, ingredients and sizes-this is where you can buy them.  Just click on the Shopping Cart-BUY label in the left column, find the Natural Sage Product you need and put the number of items in the blank box below the item descriptions.

If you look at other products for animals and their labels or websites, full Ingredients are not listed and labeling is not completely regulated.  That is why we give you all of our Natural Sage® Product Ingredients because you, as a consumer, should know what is being applied to your animals, their skin and also your skin.  

All of the White Sage (Salvia apiana) used in many of the Natural Sage products, such as our essential oils and herbal preparations, are sustainably and organically grown (without chemicals) here on our ranch.  White Sage is very low or has trace amounts of monoterpene ketones (thujone), making it safer for use than Salvia officinalis and other sages.  White Sage is considered to help healthy cells regenerate, is Antiviral, Antibacterial, Antifungal and a mild Rubefacient-or Counter-irritant, which increases blood flow to injured skin, helping heal, cleanse and nourish tissue plus, ease pain and swelling.  This is attributed to, primarily, 4% Volatile Oils in White Sage and other chemical constituents that work in synergy with one another.   

None of the White Sage is taken from protected land, rather it is sustainably grown organically, without chemicals at a 2500 foot elevation in Southern California to insure not only a quality, unpolluted product, but to make sure remaining stands of White Sage exist into the future for generations of both animals and humans to utilize.

Other Native Plants, Plant Oils and Essential Oils used in our products are also Organic or grown without chemicals and obtained from ethical, well respected, Certified Organic Growers & Merchants.  Not only does Natural Sage use the Best Organic unrefined Oils, Organic Butters, Organic Essential Oils & Organic Herbs for you and your animals, but we also make products fresh and send it to you! 

We hope you can find everything you need.  Natural Sage is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.  We always appreciate phone calls at:    (951) 318-8757 Pacific Standard Time.
Brittany & Dominic - Luau
With a variety of Organic products to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.  Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us or e-mail me at:

We hope to see you again!  Check back later for new updates & products to our website. There's much more to come!
Pure White Sage (Salvia apiana) Steam Distilled Essential Oil- White Sage Oil is Cell Regenerative, Anti-Fungal, Antibacterial, Antiviral and is used in many of our products for it's safe healing abilities along with other Organic Therapeutic Essential Oils.
Organic White Sage Essential Oils used in Natural Sage® Products

*Organic Baby Balm for All Animals with Sensitive skin & Metabolisms (such as Cats, Newborns, Puppies, Humans) to Heal Infections-Unscented, Contains No Essential Oils but all the necessary Organic Herbal Ingredients to Heal Wounds, Cuts, Eczema & Scrapes. 

Organic Wound Balm for Puppies, Cats, Sensitive Skin - Unscented
*Organic Antimicrobial Ear Oil for Animals
Heals Fungal/Bacterial Infections           *Charcoal Drawing Salve for Horses/Dogs :
 Kills Ear Mites                         Draws Toxins, Heals Abscesses/Pain Relief
Charcoal Drawing Salve for Dogs & Horses to Draw Toxins, Heal Abscesses on Skin & HoofOrganic Ear Oil for Dogs, Cats & Horses to Heal Fungal and Bacterial Infections and Kill Ear Mites.
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